What is a grant of Probate?

The probate process explained
What is grant of probate?

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What is a grant of probate?

A grant of probate confirms the authority of executor to administer an estate. Before you’re able to deal with any assets, such as bank accounts or property titles in England, Wales and Northern Ireland this must be done through legal channels- obtaining a Grant Of Probate from relevant authorities within those countries’ borders before distributing anything further on behalf them dead person’s heirs
In Scotland there are two types which need confirming: Confirmation Grants & Simple commissions where confirmations come into being when someone applies for confirmation under section 3(1) common law pecuniary legacy act 1882. Simple commission is granted automatically but only if heir wishes so without applying anywhere else

The probate process is almost always required in order to act as executor of someone’s estate. However, if the deceased owned everything jointly with another person so that ownership transferred upon their death you may not need a grant-of-probate at all because it will already have passed automatically through legal channels when partners die intestably without leaving behind any written instructions on how things should be distributed or disposed among family members, even though this usually doesn’t happen until after an inheritance has been received and taxes paid!

The death of a loved one can be an extremely difficult time, and it might seem like there’s no end to your worries. However! You don’t need all those stressful thoughts when you know what steps we have for distributing someone else’s estate without applying for probate it just takes some mailing addresses on file with the appropriate institutions so they’ll get informed about their passing. It gets even easier than that: if these individuals died intestate (without writing out any sort notice), then first thing first is petitioning courts seeking letters testamentary or administration as well as providing copies both certificates from our country registrar where “applied” has taken place.

How to apply for probate?

Register the death
Value the estate
File probate applications


File inheritance tax forms


Pay probate fees

Pay inheritance tax


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