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Contracts form the lifeblood of any business  

Every transaction with your customers, suppliers, and partners is likely to be a contract carrying with it binding terms and obligations. At Hodders Law we understand that sometimes trust and a handshake to seal the deal are enough, but there really is no substitute for a well-drafted contract to give clarity and peace of mind.  Our experienced commercial law team led by partner Sherine Silva is here to put together professionally written commercial contracts that give you a competitive edge and protect your business.

Business to business

Whether you are at the beginning, middle or end of the supply chain, it’s likely that you will be negotiating terms with other companies.  Although some elements of commercial contracts, such as the quality of goods sold, are governed by statutory requirements, businesses are largely free to agree whatever terms they like.  Poorly drafted terms can expose businesses to unanticipated risks should anything in the relationship go wrong.  This is why it is of vital importance to seek professional advice at all stages of the contract formation.  Sherine and her team will advise you during the negotiation of commercial terms as well as making sure that the small print protects your business against unnecessary liabilities.

International contracts

Global markets are increasingly accessible as barriers to trading both on and offline come down. This presents great commercial opportunities, but the legalities of forming contracts with overseas businesses require specialist advice.  Drawing on our experience of helping other SMEs to set up international deals, we will make sure that you are clear on what needs to go into the contract to protect your commercial interests when trading internationally.


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